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Enable the most reliable & advanced technologies to automate your compliance workflows and streamline your KYC, KYB, AML and Crypto processes. All in a single platform.

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What GlobalPass would bring to your business?

Having accumulated years of practice we have developed a strong and reliable compliance solution to meet all your business needs. Our main focus is to provide top-quality services to companies worldwide, ensuring smooth and efficient compliance processes in regulated industries.

Verify Instantly

Get your users verified in seconds by automating your onboarding procedure. Easily access full screening reports with detailed user information.

Stay Compliant

Keep your business in line with the latest global and local KYC, AML and CFT regulations. This way you can safeguard your company's reputation and avoid regulatory fines.

Prevent Fraud

Protect your business from fraud without sacrificing user experience, while benefiting from our advanced fraud detection algorithms.

Use a Unified Platform

Benefit from our all-in-one solution, which brings together all verification modules in a single, convenient platform. Integrate any of our solutions to enjoy full automation, or use any module manually, directly from our platform.

Increase Conversions

Onboard more users from the first try using our next-gen user interface. Our technology combines real-time hints and an intelligent feedback system to provide you with an ideal verification flow.


Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Digital Onboarding KYC & KYB

Discover our all-inclusive solution that effortlessly streamlines the onboarding process for both individual and business clients. Empower your compliance team with a unified and interactive report that consolidates a wide range of performed compliance checks.

Ongoing & Recuring AML Compliance

Make sure that your clients remain good actors both during onboarding and throughout your entire relationship with them. Our ongoing and recurring compliance tools will put a spotlight and sound the alarms on any unwanted surprises that might appear in the future and bring harm to your business.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Discover our Due Diligence tools to run a deep authenticity analysis of any digital document, authenticate any user action using biometric & liveness confirmation, validate user's network for digital threats, confirm user's address using their real location and much more.

Crypto Analytics

Take advantage of fully automated, real-time monitoring of crypto asset transactions and wallets. This powerful tool traces funds across multiple blockchains, making it effortless to identify connections to activities such as terrorist financing, involvement with sanctioned entities, and other illicit behaviors.

Global Coverage

Onboard users from anywhere in the world

With GlobalPass, you won't need any new vendors or integrations when expanding to new markets. We have you fully covered with comprehensive solutions, supported by global databases.


Covered Countries
& Territories


Document Types


Coverage of Publicly
Available Sanction Lists


Fool-Proof Liveness

Unique Solutions

What makes us globally unique?

Global OCR

Experience the power of our cutting-edge identification technologies that seamlessly cover and verify a wide range of identity documents from around the world. With unparalleled precision, we ensure accuracy and reliability like no other.

Latest AI Technologies

Our tools are powered with the latest technologies, to provide real-time user guidance, detect even the most sophisticated fraud, and verify good users instantly.

Fool-Proof Liveness Detection

Stop trusting passive liveness and allow advanced algorithms to detect any and all spoofing attempts, with certifications to prove it.

24/7 Support

With GlobalPass, you don't need to wait hours to receive answers. For any support questions, we are ready to assist you at any time within minutes.

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