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KYC & Identity Verification

Enhance your customer onboarding process with GlobalPass's KYC & Identity Verification Solutions.

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Enhance your customer onboarding process with GlobalPass's KYC & Identity Verification Solutions, a comprehensive suite tailored for you.

These tools, designed to align with global regulatory standards, employ advanced technology to deliver secure, user-friendly, and efficient identity verification.

Why Choose GlobalPass

At GlobalPass , we revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals navigate the complex landscape of identity verification and personal data management.

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Solution Benefits

KYC Onboarding Widget

Simplifying Your Customer Onboarding

Seamlessly integrate a customizable, AI-enhanced widget into your systems, offering your customers an intuitive and secure onboarding experience while maintaining brand consistency.

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Facial Liveness Verification

Securing Your Digital Identity Management

Protect your users' identities against deepfakes and impersonation threats with real-time liveness authentication, balancing high security with an easy, AI-assisted user experience.

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Identity Document Analysis

Streamlining Your Global Verification Process

Expand your global reach with comprehensive verification, supporting over 12,000 document types across 248 countries, ensuring robust security and compliance for your operations.

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Proof of Address Verification

Address authentication for security

Enhance your security and compliance through thorough authentication of address documents, ensuring accuracy and adherence to regulatory standards.

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Geolocation Services

Enhancing Security with Geo-Intelligence

Pinpoint the exact location of your users' devices and conduct in-depth IP analysis, fortifying your fraud prevention strategies with advanced data insights.

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NFC-based e-chip scan

NFC-enabled fraud prevention

Implement NFC technology for quick and reliable identity verification, reading and validating data from e-chips in documents to accurately identify fraudulent activities and reinforce your security measures.

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