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Instant Face Authentication

Empower your users to authenticate actions instantly using their face.

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Empower your users to authenticate actions instantly using their face.

GlobalPass quickly verifies liveness and matches faces against IDs used during onboarding, providing swift and secure verification.

Why Choose GlobalPass

At GlobalPass , we revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals navigate the complex landscape of identity verification and personal data management.

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Solution Benefits

Biometric Security

Diverse Applications for Your Business Needs

Use instant biometric verification for secure customer logins, transaction authentication, access resets, and more, enhancing both security and user experience in your high-security areas.

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Unmatched Security

Certified Liveness Verification

Set a new standard in security with GlobalPass's 5-second selfie video verification. Thwart spoof attacks like photos, dolls, 3D masks, and deepfakes, ensuring the highest security level in user interactions.

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Enhanced Authentication

Accurate Face Matching

Go beyond traditional 2FA methods by matching the client's live face with their ID from the onboarding process. This offers universal compatibility and flexibility across various platforms, thereby enhancing security and convenience for your clients.

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