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Safeguard Healthcare Data with KYC Automation

Elevate patient care and operational integrity with GlobalPass, your partner in fraud prevention, regulatory compliance, and securing sensitive information. Our bespoke KYC and AML solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges of the healthcare industry, safeguarding against fraud and enhancing patient trust.

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Why Choose GlobalPass

At GlobalPass , we revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals navigate the complex landscape of identity verification and personal data management.

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Prevent Fraudulent Activities and Protect Services

Verify patient identities accurately, ensuring healthcare services and medications reach rightful beneficiaries. Our advanced KYC solutions help healthcare providers combat fraud, protect service integrity, and maintain patient trust by ensuring that every transaction is legitimate.

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Ensure Accuracy in Billing and Claims Processing

Implement GlobalPass to streamline your billing and insurance claims processing. Accurate patient verification minimizes errors and fraudulent claims, optimizing operational efficiency and financial integrity.

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Prevent Cross-Border Fraud

For healthcare companies serving a global clientele or engaged in medical tourism, GlobalPass provides essential KYC and AML solutions to comply with international regulations and prevent fraud. Ensure seamless, secure services across borders, from telehealth to online pharmacies.

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How It Works

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Verification result is delivered and proof is stored in back office

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GlobalPass matches the user’s selfie with the photo on ID document

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End-user uploads a photo of government-issued identity document

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Verification result is delivered and proof is stored in back office

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